Yo mama is so fat that she needs a book

mark to keep track of all her chin rolls!
mama's teeth so yellow that when she
smiles everyone sings, "i got
sunshine on a cloudy day".....
mama's teeth are so yellow that when
she smiles traffic slows down.
yo mama so stupid it took her 2 hours to
watch 60 seconds.
Yo Mama so fat she gives herself group

mama so ugly she got beat up by her
imaginary friends
mama aint got no ears hollin bout let
me hear both sides of da story!
yo mamma so fat she make a whale look
yo momma so fat the back of her neck is like
pack of hot dogs
yo mama so fat when she get on da elevator it

says next stop hell
yo mama
so fat she sat on a tractor and
made it a pick-up truck.
yo mama so fat,
when she dive into the
ocean, there is a tsunami warning out!!
your mama so fat that when she wanted a water

bed, they had to put a cover over the Atlantica Ocean.
Your Momma's so black she got counted

absent at night school.
Yo moma is so old she knew the Great Wall of

China when it was just ok
yo mama so nasty... cows with mad cow disease
from her..
Yo mamma's so fat she had her ears

pierced by harpoon.
Yo mamma's so fat she needs a watch on both
because she covers two time zones.
Yo mama's so fat, when she turns around they
throw her a
welcome back party.
Yo mama's so stupid she can't pass a blood