Q: What kind of witch goes to the beach?
Did you hear about the TV show
with FBI
agents and witches?
It's called The Hex-Files.
Did you hear about the witch who fed her pet

vulture on sawdust?
The vulture laid ten eggs and when they
hatched, nine chicks had wooden
legs and the tenth was a woodpecker.
Did you hear
about the witch who went in for
the lovely legs competition?
She was beaten by the microphone
What did the witch say to
the ugly toad?

I'd put a curse on you - but somebody beat me to it!
What did the young witch say to her mother
Can I have the keys to the broom tonight !
Who went into a witche's den and came out

alive ?
The witch !
Why do witches have stiff joints ?
They get
broomatism !
How do you know when you are in bed
with a
witch ?
She has a big "W" embroidered on her pyjamas !
What is the witches motto ?
We came, we saw,
we conjured !
What does a witch do if her broom is stolen

She calls the flying squad !
What is the best way of stopping infection

from witch bites ?
Don't bite any witches !
What is old and ugly and can see just as well

from both ends ?
A witch with a blindfold !
What's the witches favourite pop group
Broomski Beat !
How can you tell an Italian witch
from an
English one ?
By her suntan !
Where did the witch get her
From the ideal gnome exhibition !
What is a witch's favourite TV
Lifestyles of the Witch and Famous!
Is it good to drink witch's brew?
Yes, it's
very newt tricious!
Witch l: "How do you manage to stay in shape?"

Witch 2: "I get a lot of hexercise."
What would you get if you crossed a witch with a
movie director?
Steven Spellberg!