What happened to the lizard in the

wizard's garden pond?
He had him newt-ered.
There was once a puppy called
who loved to pick quarrels with animals who were bigger than she

was. One day she argued with a lion. The next day was the first of June.

Why ? Because that was the end of May!
Did you hear about the
boy who was
told to do 100 lines?
He drew 100 cats on the paper.
He thought
the teacher had said lions.
One goldfish to his tankmate:
there's no God, who changes the water?"
What is a buttress?
A female
How should you treat a baby
Like a kid.
What do you get if you cross a bottle
of water
with an electric eel?
A bit of a shock really!
What do you get if you cross an eel
with a
A slippery customer.
Did you hear about the whale who
couldn't keep a
He was a blubber mouth!
What's at the end of Moby Dick?
whale of a time!
Why did the gray whale go on a
Because he wasn't a Fin whale!
What kind of whale flies?
Why did the whale like the

Because he had flippers!
Why don't whales eat sushi very
Of course whales like sushi. It's just those itty-bitty chop
that keep getting stuck in their teeth.
What is a whale's favorite TV
Flukes of Hazard!
Why did the whale cross the road ?

To get to the other tide !
What is a
dolphin's favorite TV
show ?
Whale of fortune !
What kind of noise annoys an oyster ?

A noisy noise annoys an oyster ! (Try saying that fast!)
What lives in the ocean, is grouchy and
neighbours ?
A hermit crab !
Are shellfish warm?
No they're