Who was that on the phone, Fred?
No one important. Just some man who said it was long distance
Australia, so I told him I knew that already and put the phone down

Why did the alien phone home on his mobile?

Because it was so ET !
At three o'clock one morning a

veterinary surgeon was woken from a deep sleep by the ringing of his

telephone. He staggered downstairs and answered the phone. "I'm sorry if

I woke you," said a voice at the other end of the line. "That's all

right," said the vet, "I had to get up to answer the telephone

Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I'm a
Doctor: Why's that?
I keep getting calls in the night.
What do ghosts use to phone home?
What do you call
an elephant in a phone
After my wife and her former best buddy,

another Air Force wife, were separated by a move that posted
husband on the opposite coast, the telephone became their chief means

of communication. When our phone
bills showed astronomical
increases, the other spouse and I sought
relief. Since we both owned
computers, we
encourage our wives to use electronic mail.

Now they
call on the phone to let each other know that e-mail was sent,
call back to confirm that it
arrived and have a conversation about
the contents!