Why is the cook worried
about catching his
runaway pig?
He knows a little ham goes a long way.
Why was
the pig unhappy in the Minors?

Because he wants to play in the Pig Leagues.
Why is a pig in a water trough like a penny?

Because its head is on one side and its tail is on the other.
Why doesn't Santa hitch
his sleigh to a pig?

Pigs don't have red noses.
Why do pigs run into trees?
To shake out the
I've never seen an alligator In a tree.
because the pigs do such a good job.
Why do pigs love Halloween?
There's lots of
Why do pigs like February 14th?
They get lots
of Valenswines.
Why didn't the pigs eat the rotten eggs in their

feed trough?
They were saving the best for last.
Why didn't the piglets listen to the teacher
Because he was an old boar.
Why didn't the Blonic Pig get a TV series of his

He made the mistake of going to a barbecue with the Bionic
Man and the
Blonic Woman.
Why did the spotted pigs run away?
thought the traveling salesman told the farmer to put his name on
dotted swine.
Why did the pigs paint their hoofs green?
was Saint Patrick's Day.
Why did the piglets get in trouble in their

stained glass class?
They stained it with mud.
Why did the piglets get in trouble in
biology class?
They ate all the specimens.
Why did the piglets do badly in

They were all slow loiners.
Why did the
pig wear yellow coveralls?
split a seam in his blue ones.
Why did the pig run away from the pig

He felt that the other pigs were taking him for grunted.
Why did the pig join the Army?
He heard the
food was a mess.
Why did the pig join a muscle-building

He thought "pumping iron" was a new juice dispenser.
Why did the pig go to the
To play
the slop machine!