Who do they get for Babe the pig's dangerous
movie scenes?
A stunt ham.
The teacher was furious with her son. "Just
you've been put in my class, there's no need to think you can
liberties. You're a pig." The boy said nothing. "Well! Do you
what a pig is?" "Yes, Mom," said the boy. "The offspring of a

What do you get when you cross a pig with a billy

A crashing bore.
Why do pigs never recover from illness ?

Because you have to kill them before you cure them !
What kind of tie does a pig wear ?
Pig's tie
What do you get if you cross pigs with a lot of
A swine gut !
What did the pig call a manuscript?
A shoat
What famous pig actor made a movie about

Boaris Karloff.
Why did the pig send his story to New

He wanted to be published on Pork Avenue.
Why was the pig happy when reviewers criticized
Because they called it garbage.
What are the pigs warned to look out for in New

What did the pig say
when he found a line of
ants in his trough?
"Mmm. Canapes."
Why wouldn't the sow let her piglets play with

She didn't want them to grow into wart hogs.
Why wouldn't the
piglet's mother let her
read romantic novels?
She was afraid her daughter would run away with
a wolf.
Why wouldn't the bird
let her chicks go near
the pig pen?
She didn't want the pigs eating shredded tweet.
Why won't the witch
let the traveling pig
actors into her gingerbread cottage?
She's afraid they'll bring down
the house.
Why won't pigs take up
don't like to get that far from the table.
Why should you never invite a pig to join your

tug-of-war team?
Pigs want to be pulled through the mudhole.
Why isn't there a Superpig?
It's too hard
for a pig to change clothes in a telephone booth.
Why is your dad chasing those
pigs through the
We're raising mashed potatoes.