One ant was running across an unopened box of

crackers and urging another to speed up. "But why do we have to
said one. "Can you read, you nut! It says, Tear along the
How do fireflies lose weight?
They burn
Q: What did the Pink Panther say when he

stepped on an ant?
A: "Dead ant, Dead Ant ... Dead ant, Dead Ant ..
Dead Ant"
(to the tune of Pink Panther theme).
How can you make a moth ball ?
Hit it with
a fly swatter.
A mother moth was telling her baby moth off

saying, "If you don't eat all your cotton, you won't get any

Two mosquitoes were buzzing round when they saw
drunken man.
One said to the other, "You bite him ? I'm
What did one mosquito say to
another when
they came out of the cinema?
Fancy a bite?
Why are mosquitoes annoying?
Because they
get under your skin.
Why is it best to be bitten quickly by one

Because an itch in time saves nine.
What do you call A Tale of Two Mosquitoes?

A bite-time story.
Why was the ladybird kicked out of the forest?

Because she was a litter bug.
Which fly captured the ladybird?
What insect lives on nothing?
A moth,
because it eats holes.
How do you make a moth bawl?
Hit him with a
fly swatter.
A flea jumped over the swinging doors of a

saloon, drank three whiskeys and jumped out again. He picked himself up

from the dirt, dusted himself down and said, "OK, who moved my

If a flea and a
fly pass each other what
time is it?
Fly past flea.
What do you get if you cross a moth with a

An insect that can find its way around a dark closet.
How do fireflies start
a race?
steady, glow!
Surveyor: This house is a ruin. I wonder

what stops it from falling down.
Owner: I think the woodworm are
holding hands.
What is the wasps' favorite song?
Just a
Spoonful of Sugar.