was a guy walking down the street in
San Francisco, and he tripped over
an old looking oil lamp.

He picked it up and hid it under his jacket, because he thought it was


While he was running to the antique shop to cash
this puppy in, it
rubbed against his shirt.

POOF! A genie
popped out of his pocket!

The very angry looking Genie said, "All
right, I have had enough with
this three wish stuff, and 'cuz you
stole me away from my HBO Special,
I will only give you one wish!"

The surprised man said, "OK, I want to live in Hawaii in a huge
on the beach with three million dollars in the master
bedroom, but I am
afraid of boats and planes so I want you to build a
bridge from here to

The genie replied with a smirk,
"Are you crazy? Do you know how long
that will take, with the pillars
going down to the bottom of the ocean,
all the cement it wou
ld take for the highway? No I'm sorry, it just
can't happen."

The man said, "Fine then, I want to understand women."

The genie said, " Would you like two lanes or four?
Well, a man was driving down a country road, and
he decided to get out
and get some fresh air.

He got out,
and started walking in a meadow. As he walked, he came upon
a hole.
Wanting to see how deep it was, he threw a pebble down. No
So he threw a medium-sized rock down. No sound.

The man started
to get frustrated, so he threw a boulder down. No
sound. As he
searched about, he spotted a railroad beam. He hauled it over
to the
hole, and shoved it in. No sound.

He sat down on the ground,
exhausted. Suddenly, he saw a goat running
at him, full speed. He
leaped up, and it brushed past him, and fell in
the hole. He listened,
but there was no sound.

He sat down again. A few minutes later,
a farmer came walking up. The
man asked him, "How deep is this
hole?" The farmer said, "Oh. Thats
the bottomless pit. It never ends.
Say, have you seen my prize goat?"

The man, not wanting to g
et the blame, said, "No." The farmer said,
"Oh well. He can't get
far. He was tied to a railroad beam."
How do you get pikachu on to a boat? You