Why was the racehorse names Strawberry

He was a sherbet!
Why was the racehorse named Bad News?
bad news travels fast!
Why was the man sued by his
Why was the horseman fired from his job of

saddle testing?
He was always standing up on the job!
Why was the horse all charged up?
It ate some
A man has a racehorse, never won a
race. Man
in disgust says," Horse, you win today or you pull a milk
tomorrow morning." The starting gate opens, the horses take-off,
move the gate away and there lays his horse asleep on the track. He

kicks the horse and asks, "WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING. The horse, half

asleep says, "I have to get up at three in the morning."
Why did the bareback performer ride his horse?

Because it got too heavy to carry.
A mean horseman went into a saddler's shop and

asked for one spur. "One spur?" asked the saddler. "Surely you mean
pair of spurs, sir?" "No, just one," replied the horseman. "If I
get one side of the horse to go, the other side is bound to
come with
What is the slowest racehorse in the world ?

A clotheshorse !
What kind of horse can swim underwater

without coming up for air ?
A seahorse !
You said this horse could
jump as high as a
ten foot fence and he can't jump at all.
Well neither can a
You said it was a great horse and it is.
took twenty other horses to beat him!
Why was Teddy Roosevelt mean to horses?
was a rough rider!
Why is the old, decrepit horse named

Because it gets you nowhere!
Why is manna from heaven like
Both are food from aloft!
Why is it difficult to
identify horses from
the back?
They're always switching their tails!
Why is horse racing so romantic?
Because the
horse hugs the rails, the jockey puts his arms around the
horse and
you can kiss your money goodbye!
Why is Dick Clark a
favourite star with
Because he was a disk jockey from Filly!
Why is an egg like a young horse?
Because it
can't be used until it's broken!
Why is a racehorse like a letter?
They both
begin a trip at the post!