Where was the Magna Carta signed ?
At the
bottom !
What was the first think Queen
did on ascending to the throne ?
Sat down !
Why did Henry VIII have so many wives ?
liked to chop and change !
Whose son was Edward, the Black Prince
Old King Coal !
What famous chiropodist ruled England
William the Corn-cutter!
What English King invented
the fireplace
Alfred the grate !
When were King Arthur's army too tired to
When they had lots of sleepless knights !
What was Camelot famous for ?
It's knight
life !
What was Camelot ?
A place where people
parked their camels !
What was King Arthur's favourite game
Knights and crosses !
Who invented King Arthur's round table

Sir Circumference !
Why did Arthur have a round
table ?
no one could corner him !
Why were the early days of history called the

dark ages ?
Because there were so many knights !
What did Caesar say to
Toga-ether we can rule the world !
Why did the Romans build
straight roads
So their soldiers didn't go around the bend !
When did Caesar reign ?
I didn't know he
Of course he did, didn't they hail him ?
If Atlas supported the world on his shoulders,
supported Atlas ?
His wife !
Who succeeded the first President of the USA
The second one !
Why does history keep repeating itself
Because we weren't listening the first time !
Where did the pilgrims land when they came to

America ?
On their feet !