How do you stop a
thundering herd of
Hold up your arm and say 'Go back, you didn't say 'May I?''
How do you prepare a Gorilla

Your start getting it ready Fridae and Saturdae!
How do you make a Gorilla stew?
You keep it
waiting for three hours!
do you make a Gorilla laugh?
it an elephant joke!
How do you make a Gorilla float?
Two scoops
of ice cream, some club soda and a very tasty Gorilla!
How do we know that Apes are
like fish
after a rainstorm?
They'll both bite at anything!
How did the obscene telephone caller get

attacked by the Gorilla?
He made a mistake and dialled a preyer!
How did the dog warn its master that a

Gorilla was approaching?
He barked g-r-r-r-illa!
How did Gertie Gorilla win the beauty

She was the beast of the show!
How did Gertie Gorilla make the 'Playboy'

She was 'Miss Ape-ril!'
How did a Gorilla come to be with Washington

at Valley Forge?
He had seen a sign saying, 'Uncle Simian Wants
How come the giant Ape climbed up
the side
of the skyscraper?
The elevator was broken!
Do Apes kiss?
Yes, but never on the first
Do you know a
favourite expression used by
the Gorillas?
Apesy daisy!
Q. Why does Rilla get mad when he's in a

A. Because all his friends shout, "GO-RILLA!"
Q: What do you get when you put an

experimental monkey in a blender?
A: Rhesus Pieces.
Q: Why are gorillas so noisy?
A: They were
raised in a zoo!
Q: Why did the gorilla fall out of
the tree
A: Because it was dead.
Q: What's black and dangerous and lives in a
A: A gorilla with a machine gun.
A man walks outside to his car for work, when
notices a gorilla in his tree. He rushs to his phone book and
finds the
animal control number, calls and asks them to send over
someone who's
a gorilla expert.
When the man arrives, he is
carrying a shotgun, a chihuahua and a pair
of handcuffs. The man
says,''What are all of those for?''

The animal control officer
says, ''I'll climb up in the tree, knock
the gorilla down, the dog
will bite him in the nuts and you must slap
the handcuffs on his

The man asks,''What is the gun for?''

animal control officer responds, ''If I fall first, you shoot the