Why is a ghost like an empty house?
there's no body there!
How did the bootician style the ghost's hair?

With a scare dryer!
What did the little ghost eat for lunch?
booloney sandwich!
What do you call a
ghost at midnight?
sheet in the dark!
Student l: "Did
you know that ghosts are
protected by the Constitution?"
Student 2: "They are?"
Student 1:
"Sure. It's in the Bill of Frights!"
Why are haunted houses so noisy in April?

That's when the ghosts do their spring screaming!
Where would you take a ghost for lunch?

Pizza Haunt!
This girl wanted to marry a ghost. I can't

think what possessed her.
What do
ghosts say when a girl footballer is
sent off ?
Ban-she, ban-she !
Q: What directions did the
ghost give the
goblin? A: "Make a fright turn at the corner."
Q: How do ghosts fly from
one place to
another? A: By scareplane.
One night, after closing time a
barman is
sitting at his bar minding his own buisiness, when a spectral
floats in through the door. The barman, being an exceptionally cool

kind of guy, asks "yeah, what do you want?". The phantom hound

explains, in a haunting voice "I've lost my tail...... and cannot rest
a kindly barman stitches it back-on". At this request the barman

stands back astonished and says to the phantom dog..... "Sorry, but
don't re-tail spirits at this time of night".
Which ghost sailed the seven seas looking for

rubbish and blubber?
The ghost of BinBag the Whaler.
Why were the ghosts wet and tired?
They had
just dread-ged the lake.
Which day of the week do ghosts like best?

What sort of violin does a
ghost play?
Why don't ghosts make good magicians.
can see right through their tricks.
When do ghosts play tricks on each other?
April Ghoul's Day
What is a ghost's favorite Wild West

What did the mother ghost say to the naughty

baby ghost?
Spook when you're spooken to.