What animals were last
to leave the ark
The elephants as they had to pack their trunks !
Why do elephants have trunks ?
they've no pockets to put things in !
What do you give an elephant with big feet
Plenty of room !
How to elephants talk to each other ?
'elephone !
What do you call the rabbit up the
sweater ?
Terrified !
What do you call an elephant with a rabbit up
it's sweater
Warren !
What do you call an elephant creeping through
the jungle in
the middle of the night ?
Russell !
What do you call an
elephant that lies
across the middle of a tennis court ?
Annette !
What do you call an elephant with a

carrot in each ear ?
Anything you want as he can't hear you !
Why don't elephants like playing cards in
jungle ?
Because of all the cheetahs !
What's the best way to see a charging herd

of elephants ?
On television !
What did Tarzan say when he saw the

elephants coming ?
Here come the elephants
What is the easy way to get a wild elephant
Get a tame one and annoy it !
Tarzan was tired when he came home.
have you been doing", asked Jane.
"Chasing a herd of elephants on
"Really ?", said Jane. "I thought elephants stayed on the
Teacher: "Where would you find an elephant

Pupil:"You don't have to find them, they're too big to lose

Teacher: "Name six
Pupil:"Four elephants and two lions !"
Teacher:"To which family
does the
elephant belong ?"
Pupil:"I don't know, nobody I know owns one !"
Why do
elephants do well in school
Because they have a lot of grey matter !
Bill:"My homework is really difficult
tonight, I've to
write an essay on an elephant."?
Bert:"Well, for a
start your going to need a big ladder.."
What do you call an elephant that can't do

sums ?
Dumbo !