Why is an elephant braver
than a hen
Because the elephant isn't chicken !
Why do the elephants have short tails
Because they can't remember long stories !
What did the baby elephant get when
daddy elephant sneezed ?
Out of the way !
How do you stop an angry elephant from
charging ?
Take away it's credit cards !
My elephants got no trunk ?
How does it
smell ?
Terrible !
How do you hire an elephant ?
Stand it on
four bricks !
Who do elephants get their christmas

presents from ?
Elephanta Claus !
What do
elephants sing at christmas
Noel-ephants, Noel-ephants...
What to you get if you cross a parrot with an

elephant ?
An animal that tells you everything that it remembers
What did the elephant say when the man
him by the tail ?
This is the end of me !
What is a baby elephant after he is five
old ?
Six weeks old !
Why did the elephant jump in
the lake
when it began to rain ?
To stop getting wet !
What did the elephant say to the famous

detective ?
It's ele-mentary, my dear Sherlock !
What do elephants say as a compliment
You look elephantastic !
What is an elephants favourite film
Who lost a herd of elephants ?
Big bo peep
What do elephants do in
the evenings
Watch elevision !
What do you do with old cannon balls
Give them to elephants to use as marbles !
What is stronger an elephant or a snail
A snail, because it carries it's house, an elephant just carries its

trunk !
What do you find in an elephants graveyard
Elephantoms !