A hound dog and a dalmation were sitting in an

Internet cafe and the
dalmation said to the hound, "Hey, check out
my web site!" The hound
for the address and the dalmation
Q. What did the dog say when he sat on
A. "Rough rough".
Why did the 3-legged dog go back to Dodge City?

To see who shot his "paw."
What game do 18 dogs like to
play during the

Q.Why is a dog scared of a fire?
A.It doesn't
want to become a hot dog.
Q: What's got four legs and no ears?
A: Mike
Tyson's dog.
Two women, who are dog owners,
are arguing
which dog is smarter.
First woman: My dog is so smart. Every morning he
waits for the
paperboy to come around and then he takes a newspaper
and brings it to me.
Second woman: I know.
First one:
Second one: My dog told me.
Advertisement: Dog for sale. Really gentle. Eats

anything. Especially fond of children.
What do you
get if you cross a labrador and a
tortoise ?
A dog that will run to the shop to get your paper and
bring back last
weeks paper !
Why does the Hound of the
Baskervilles turn
round and round before he lies down for the night?
Because he's the
watchdog and he has to wind himself up.
Why did the dog jump into the sea?
He wanted to
chase the catfish!
What do you get when you cross a
Doberman with
a bird?
A Doberman fincher!
What would you get if you crossed a chicken with a

A hen that lays pooched eggs.
What dog rides a horse named Macaroni?
What is the
best way to follow a lost dog's
paw prints?
With a track-tor!
What is the difference between Father

Christmas and a warm dog ?
Father Christmas wears a whole suit, a dog just
How can if
you have a stupid dog ?
chases parked cars !
When George Washington was a general, why did he

like to have dogs around?
They were very helpful during the
"Roverlutionary War!"
How did the dog's owner know his pet was angry
having soap flakes for breakfast?
He foamed at the mouth.
What sort of clothes does a pet dog wear ?
petticoat !