What would you get if you crossed a dinosaur

with a pig?
Jurassic pork!
Q: What dinosaur loves pancakes?
A: A
Q: What dinosaur can't stay out in the rain?

A: Stegosaur-rust!
Q: What dinosaur would you find in a rodeo?

A: Bronco-saurus!
What did you call a dinosaur that keeps you
awake at
night ?
Bronto-snore-us !
What followed the dinosaur ?
It's tail
What are prehistoric monsters called when
sleep ?
A dinosnore !
What's red on the
outside and green on
the inside?
A dinosaur wearing red pajamas.
Why do dinosaurs wear glasses?
To make
sure they don't step on other dinosaurs.
How can you tell if a dinosaur is visiting
your house?
His tricycle will be parked outside.
How can you tell a male
dinosaur from a
female dinosaur?
Ask it a question. If he answers, it's a male; if
she answers, it's
Why do dinosaurs climb trees?
nothing else to climb in the jungle.
Why don't dinosaurs take ballet
They outgrew their leotards.
Why does a
dinosaur climb a tree?
get in his nest.
Why is it dangerous to go into the jungle

between two and four in the afternoon?
That's when dinosaurs are
jumping out of palm trees.
Why did the dinosaur walk on two

To give the ants a chance.
Why don't more dinosaurs join the police

They can't hide behind billboards.
Why does a dinosaur have cracks
his toes?
To carry his library card.
Q: Why did the T-Rex eat

A: Because he is a meat eater!
Q: Why did the Apatosaurus devour the
A: Because she was a plant eater!