Q: What kind of a car does a crazy man

A: A LOCOmotive.
Q. What has one horn and gives milk?

A A milk truck.
The only thing wrong with a perfect
drive to work is that you
end up at work.
Hawk and Tom were talking in the bar.

Hawk said," I just got kicked off the course for breaking 60."
looked at him, amazed. " Breaking 60? That's amazing!"
Hawk smiled
and said," Yeah, I never knew a golf cart could go that
Q: What did the first stoplight say to
the second
A: Don't look I'm changing!!
What do you get if you cross an Egyptian

mummy with a car mechanic?
Toot and Car Man.
I saw the most beautiful
cars in the
window of a dealership recently. A sales man came out and
'Come on in. They're bigger than ever and they last a lifetime!'

Later I learned he was talking about the payments.
A businessman was traveling in the train
and his
seat was reserved in the last couch of the train. Every
time the train
stops at station and he faced so much of problem as all
shops to
purchase eatables were far off. He was very upset and
every time he was
remembering that's all happened because I am in the
last couch. When he got
down at the destination station, he asked
the station person that he
wants to lodge a complaint against the
railway staff. The complaints and
suggestions book was given to him
and he wrote: " There should not be
any last couch in the train. If
there is any last couch in the train,
it should be kept somewhere
in the middle.
A sardarji
was working as editor in
a daily newspaper. Once he was travelling to
Bombay to deliver a
speech about railway department improvements. His
coach was the last
coach in the train. The train was moving very fast and
sardarji's coach was jerking heavily. This made him not to prepare
for the

Annoyed by the event, the next day in the meeting, his
first point
towards improvement of railway department was: "There
should not be last
coach in any train."
Monster: I've got to walk 25 miles
Ghost: Why don't you take a train?
Monster: I did once, but
my mother made me give it back.
What do you get when you put a car and a

pet together ?
Carpet !
Q) What's worse than raining
A) Hailing taxis!
Q: What do you call a laughing
A: A Yamahahaha
What do you call a group of cars ?
clutch !
What do you call someone who draws funny
pictures of
motor vehicles ?
A car-toonist !
What do you call a person who falls onto

you on a train ?
A laplander !
What do you call a pretend railway
A play station !
Why did the man put his car in the
Because he wanted a hot rod.
What did the man put on his car when

the weather was cold?
An extra muffler.
What is a banged-up used
car in first-crash condition.