Mum: Why does your little brother

jump up and down before taking his medicine?
Boy: Because he read
the label, and it said 'shake well before
Dad: Don't be
selfish. Let
your brother use the sled half the time.
Son: I do, Dad. I use it going
down the hill and he gets to use it
coming up!
Little Brother: I'm going to

buy a sea horse.
Big Brother: Why?
Little Brother: Because I want
to play water polo!
My brother's one
of the
biggest stickup men in town.
Gosh is he really?
Yes, he's a
six-foot-six billposter.
Big Brother: That planet
there is Mars.
Little Brother: Then that other one must be Pa's.
My brother's just opened a
Really? How's he doing?
Six months. He opened it with a
Dan: My little brother is a
Nan: Things could be worse.
Dan: How?
Nan: He could be
twins !
Peter: My brother wants
to work
Anita: As I remember, he usually does !
First Boy: Why is your brother
always flying off the handle
Second Boy: Because he's got a screw
loose !
A scoutmaster asked one of his

troop what good deed he had done for the day. 'Well,' said the Scout.

'Mum had only one dose of castor oil left, so I let my baby
have it.'
So you are distantly related to the

family next door, are you?
Yes- their dog is our dog's