Knock Knock
Who's there
Brother !
Brother who ?
Brother-ation, I've forgotten your name
Brother: Which is farther away-

NY City or the moon? Sister: NY City. Why do ask? Brother: Well, I can

see the moon, but I can't see NY City.
Sister: Mom wants you to come in
and help fix
dinner. Brother: Why? Is it broken?
Do robots have sisters ?
just transistors !
My sister
wanted to marry a man
clever enough to make a lot of money but dumb
enough to spend it on
her !
How do you know if your little

brother is turning into a fridge ?
See if a little light come on
whenever he opens his mouth !
Mother: Jared, get your little
sister's hat out of that
Jared: I can't mum, she's got it
strapped too tight under her
A little demon came
home from
school one day and said to his mother, 'I hate my sister's

'All right,' said his mother, 'I won't put them in your
Why did your
sister jump out
the window ?
Because she wanted to try out her new spring suit
Teacher: What's this a
of ?
Class: Don't know, Miss.
Teacher: It's a
Class: What's a kangaroo, miss ?
Teacher: A kangaroo is a native of
Smallest boy: Wow, my sister's married one of them
My sister is so dim she thinks that

a cartoon is a song you sing in a car.
Alfie was listening to his

sister practice her singing. ' Sis,' he said, 'I wish you'd sing

Christmas carols.'
'That's nice of you, Alfie,' she replied. 'Why
'Then I'd only have to hear you once a year !'
Doctor, Doctor! my sister thinks

she's an elevator.
Tell her to come in.
I can't. She doesn't
stop at this floor.
Why does your sister have yeast and

shoe polish for breakfast ?
Because she wants to rise and
My sister went
on a crash
Is that why she looks a wreck ?
Do you like my new baby sister ?
stalk bought her.
Hmm, it looks as if the stalk dropped her on
her head.
Michael: It's hard for my

sister to eat.
Maureen: Why ?
Michael: She can't bear to stop
'What's your father's

occupation?' asked the school secretary on the first day of the new academic

'He's a conjurer, Ma'am,' said the new boy.
interesting. What's his favourite trick?'
'He saws people in
'Gosh! now, next question. Any brothers or sisters?'
half brother and two half sisters.'
Did the bionic
monster have a
brother ?
No, but he had lots of trans-sisters!
Mummy Monster: What are you doing
with that saw and where's your
little brother ?
Young Monster:
Hee, hee ! He's my half-brother now!