Q: Did you hear about the blonde that

almost caused a car accident?

A: The spare tire in her trunk blew
Q: How
do you recognize a blonde at a car

A: She's the one on her bike.
Q: How do you drown a blonde?

A: When he
asks for a lifesaver, ask him what flavor he wants.
Q: What's a blonde's favorite

A: A light shade of clear.
Q: How does a blonde hemophiliac treat

A: Acupuncture.
Q: Why did
the blonde only smell good on
the right side?

A: She didn't know where to buy Left Guard!
Q: Did you hear about the blonde who gave her
cat a bath?

A: She still hasn't gotten all the hair off her
Q: Why did it take the blonde a whole
to wash three basement windows?

A: It took her six days just to
dig the holes to put the ladder
Q: Where do you look for

A: Under "Home Improvements."
Q: How can you tell which tricycle belongs to

the blonde?

A: It is the one with the kickstand.
Q: What do you call blonde twins doing bubble

A: Double-dumb.
Q: Why do blondes occupy about 90%
of the
net bandwidth?
A: Because they keep accidentally deleting their
copies of the blonde
joke list.
Q: How did the blonde kill her toy

A: Trying to put batteries in it.
Q: What do you call a blonde
in a leather

A: Married.
Q: What did the blonde do when she found out
was pregnant with triplets?

A: She went looking for the
three guys.
Q: How can you tell if a
cat is

A: No matter what height you drop it from it always lands on its

Q. How do you know a blonde has been
the computer?

A. There is cheese in front of the mouse.
How many blonde jokes are there?

A: One - the rest are all true.
Q.How many blonde's does it
take to change
a light bulb?

A. 3. 1 to find the bulb, 1 to find a ladder and 1
to find a man.
Q. How do you know a blonde has been using a


A.It's cloged up with paper plates.