What do tigers wear in bed ?
Stripey pyjamas
How do you know when there is an elephant under

your bed ?
When your nose touches the ceiling !
What should you do if you find a 500-pound dog

asleep on your bed?
Sleep on the sofa.
Knock Knock
Who's there !
Bed !
Bed who
Bed you can't guess who I am!
I woke up, went for a walk, my head fell off

and rolled away. I picked it up and put it on. A child walked up to me

and said: "Good grief, where are your feet?"
I must have left
them in bed !
Why did the man take a pencil to
bed ?
draw the curtains !
Why did the boy take the ruler to
wanted to see how long he slept.
Why did the kid punch the bed?
His mother told
him to hit the hay.
When is your mind like a
rumpled bed?
it isn't made up yet.
When does a bed grow longer?
At night, because
two feet are added to it.
How can you shorten a bed?
Don't sleep long in
Why shouldn't you believe a
person in
Because he is lying.
Why do you go to bed?
Because the bed will not
come to you.
Why are rivers lazy?
Because they never get off
their beds.
Sonny: I can't sleep. What should I
Counselor: Lie near the edge of the bed. That way you'll be sure to
Counselor: How many times did I tell you to make
your bed?
Jane: I can't answer. I didn't know I was supposed to
What animal always goes to bed
with its shoes
on ?
A horse !
Why did the girl take a ruler to bed?
wanted to see how long she slept.
Why did your sister keep running
around her
bed ?
Because she was trying to catch up with her sleep.
does your brother wear a life jacket in
Because he sleeps on a waterbed !