If it took six pigs two hours to eat the apples
in the
orchard, how many hours would it take three pigs?
because the six pigs have already eaten them all.
What reads and lives in an apple ?
A bookworm
What's the difference between a worm and an
apple ?
Have you ever tried worm pie ?!
What did the Gorilla do with the apple
he was
holding in his hands?
He brought it to school and said, 'An Ape-lle
for the
Why did Eve want to move to New York ?
fell for the Big Apple !
What do you get if you cross a jogger
with an
apple pie ?
Puff pastry !
Why don't apples smile
when you go bobbing
Because they're crab apples !
What did the worm want to do when he grew

He wanted to join the Apple Core (Corps).
What did the apple say to the apple
"You've got some crust."
What kind of apple isn't an apple?
What is the left side of an apple?
The part
that you don't eat.
What kind of apple has a
short temper?
crab apple.
Why did the farmer hang raincoats all over his
Someone told him he should get an apple Mac
After a minor mathematical error on a routine
report, a worker's boss
tried to belittle him in front of his peers.
Angrily she asked, "If
you had 4 apples and I asked for one, how
many would you have left?"
Quickly he replied, "If it was you who
asked, I'd still have 4
A Pittsburgh steel worker was driving through

northern California's apple country.

He stopped at an orchard
and asked the owner, "How much are yer

"All you
can pick for one dollar," said the rancher.

"Okay," said the
Pennsylvanian. "I'll take two dollars'
Two girls were having their packed lunch in

the school yard. One had an apple and the other said,
'Watch out for
worms won't you !'
The first one replied, 'why should I ? They
can watch out for
Dad, do you like baked apples? Yes son, why?

The orchard's on fire.
If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what
an onion do?
Keeps everyone away.
How do you make an apple turnover?
Push it
down hill.
What can a whole apple do that half an apple

can't do?
It can look round.