If FedEx and Ups merged, would they call

it Fed UP?
Why, if the best things in
life are
free, the next-best things are so expensive?
Why does an inspiring sight like a
sunrise always have to
take place at such an inconvenient time?
If we are a country committed to free
speech, then why do we have
phone bills?
If you tell a joke in the forest, but
nobody laughs, was it a
Which of the Himalayas is the

If olive oil comes from
where does baby oil come from?
Why is it that when you're driving and
for an address, you turn the radio down?
If necessity is the mother of invention,
why does so much unnecessary
stuff get invented?
If a word in a dictionary were
misspelled, how would we
Don't you just hate the blatant

materialism surrounding Christmas? And aren't you just dying to know what
Consider one of the most perplexing
questions of our time: Where do'
solutions go when a candidate gets
If the world is getting smaller, why do
postal rates keep going
How does AVON find so many women willing
to take orders
Why are they called apartments when they
are all stuck
Why do we drive on parkways when we park

on driveways?
If all the nations in the world are in
the debt, where did all the
money go?
Why is brassiere singular and panties

If you are driving at the speed of light
and you turn on your
head-lights, what happens?
If nothing ever sticks to TEFLON, how do
they make TEFLON stick to the