There was this truck driver who had to
500 penguins to the state zoo. As he was driving his truck
the desert, his truck breaks down. After about 3 hours, he waves

another truck down and offers the driver $500 to take these penguins to

the state zoo for him.

The next day the original truck driver
arrives in town and sees the new
truck driver crossing the road
with 500 penguins walking in single file
behind him.

original truck driver jumps out of his truck and asks, "What's
going on?
I gave you $500 to take these penguins to the zoo!"

The new
truck driver responds, "I did take them to the zoo. And I had
money left over so now we're going to see a movie."
Fred was definitely more than a bit dumb; when his
pal asked him how he
had enjoyed his day at the zoo, he replied,
"it was a total con! I saw
a sign that said To The Monkeys, so I
followed it and saw the monkeys.
Then I saw another sign that said To
The Bears, so I followed that and
saw the bears. But when I followed
a sign that said To the Exit, I
found myself out on the street."
Fred's class was taken to the Natural History

Museum in New York. "Did you enjoy yourself?" asked her mother when
got home.
"Oh, yes," replied Fred. "But it was funny going to
a dead
Yo mama is so fat that she needs a book

mark to keep track of all her chin rolls!
mama's teeth so yellow that when she
smiles everyone sings, "i got
sunshine on a cloudy day".....
mama's teeth are so yellow that when
she smiles traffic slows down.
yo mama so stupid it took her 2 hours to
watch 60 seconds.
Yo Mama so fat she gives herself group

Come on, Fred,
I'll take you to the zoo. If
the zoo wants me, let them come and get
Some vampires went to see Dracula. They
"Drac, we want to open a zoo. Have you got any advice?"
replied Dracula, "have lots of giraffes."
I took my son to the zoo yesterday.
did they accept him?
I was in the zoo last week.
Really? Which cage
were you in?
Why did the Irishman buy two tickets to the zoo?

One to get in and one to get out.
mama so ugly she got beat up by her
imaginary friends
mama aint got no ears hollin bout let
me hear both sides of da story!
yo mamma so fat she make a whale look
yo momma so fat the back of her neck is like
pack of hot dogs
yo mama so fat when she get on da elevator it

says next stop hell
yo mama
so fat she sat on a tractor and
made it a pick-up truck.
yo mama so fat,
when she dive into the
ocean, there is a tsunami warning out!!